The power of imagination makes us infinite.
— John Muir

Clara's creative work as a performing artist spans several genres, and that is the way she likes it. Never letting a 'box' cramp her style, her music and creative projects are guided by her love of story, nature, community and alchemy . Based  on Minjerribah, Nth Stradbroke Is, she has been blessed to grow up with the sound of ocean waves, sea winds, bird songs and tales from the "old ones" to tune her soul ear and inspire her imagination. Involved in the creative arts since she was young, her journey has always weaved its way to performing,  at festivals, entertainment venues, rocky headlands and wherever her heart is called. In her later years she has completed formalised music study and holds an Honours in a Bachelor of Arts and Design , completing her thesis on Sound Healing research, part of which took place in California U.S. She views herself as being a lifelong student of sound and the arts and finds enjoyment sharing  with others, whether as a facilitator or around the camp fire as a way to liberate the song within.